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Emla Cream (Lidocaine and Prilocaine)

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    Emla Cream Review and Buying Guide

    You have probably undergone surgery before. Do you remember what happened? You were so scared of the pain, but once the process started, you could not feel any pain at all. The surgeon used a numbing cream to block the pain signals from getting to your nerves. Well, the same concept applies with Emla Cream.

    What is Emla Cream?

    This is among the local anaesthetics or numbing drug which contains prilocaine and lidocaine. Emla Cream is used for numbing normal intact skin or the membrane surfaces. It is used to prepare patients for minor medical procedures or surgery on the penis or vaginal area.

    How to use Emla Cream

    For effective results, you should use Emla Cream precisely as direct on the label or as per the doctor’s prescription. Ensure that you follow the directions on the label. Do not use it in larger amounts than recommended.

    You may decide to apply the product back home, about four hours before the scheduled surgical procedure. Let an expert advise you on how to use it and how much of the drug you should use. The doctor will also recommend to you how long you should leave Emla Cream on the skin. If you are unsure about anything, do not hesitate to ask.

    You should use the least amount of the cream needed to numb the skin. Some men make the mistake of using it in large amounts hoping to get fast and better results without realising how much harm that would bring them. Using the cream in large quantities will cause your body to absorb it, which is not suitable for your health. Also, do not use it over large areas other than the recommended, do not apply if you are bandaged or you got skin treatment recently.

    You need to cover the area after application to keep the cream in place. However, you should not cover treated skin unless advised by the doctor.

    How long does Emla Cream last?

    As mentioned, you can apply this cream on the surface of medical operation hours before the surgery. The cream lasts for 1-5 hours on adults.

    How long does Emla Cream take to work?

    It takes about one hour for the medication to work and for you to get your desired numbing results. Ensure that you apply the cream at least one hour before the surgical procedure for adults. You should, however, remove the product after one hour on young infants of 0-2 months.

    Do you need a prescription for Emla Cream?

    You should get a prescription from the GP first before attempting to buy or use this product. What happens if you do not have time to go to the GP or stop by a local pharmacy? The good news is that you can still order your Emla Cream online without a prescription, but ensure you do so from a reputable and certified provider. Look for a supplier that at least works with affiliated doctors to ensure that you get your prescription online. In such a case, you will go through an online consultation to determine if you are fit to use this product. It is easy:

    • Choose the medication you want to order
    • Create an account to log into the seller’s site
    • Fill in the provided questionnaire to determine if you are eligible for the purchase
    • Make your order and payment
    • After placing an order, the physician will review your application, and if it turns out that you are safe, s/he will issue the prescription. Your order will then be shipped directly to you.

    How effective is Emla Cream

    Emla Cream, which entails 2.5% prilocaine and 2.5%% lignocaine, is one of the safest and most effective anaesthetic agents, both for kids and children of at least three months of age. It is ideal for any procedures entailing needle insertion such as blood test, lumbar puncture, or cannulation. It is also used in dermatological procedures like laser therapy, wart removal, and skin biopsy.

    Where to buy Emla Cream

    You can buy the cream from a local pharmacy near you without a prescription. If you have no time to go to the pharmacy, or you are after discretion, you can order the medicine online but ensure that you get from a reliable provider. There has been a rise in demand for this product, which has, in return, resulted in increased online suppliers claiming to offer the best deals. Although you do not need a prescription to buy Emla Cream over the counter, you need consultation and guidance from an expert to guide you on its use. Ensure that the online sellers can offer you the consultation services and provide you with a comprehensive report before making a purchase.

    How do you determine if an online Emla Cream seller is reliable:

    • Check the reviews – check what other buyers are saying about the product they bought from the particular seller. Reviews will give you a clear insight into what to expect from the suppliers.
    • Consider their customer service – you need providers that respond to your inquiries as fast as you need them. You will need guidance on how to use the cream and the right dosage based on your age. Excellent customer services show that they value and care about you, and you can, therefore, trust them.
    • Consider certification – do not make the mistake of buying the cream from an unregulated seller. If they are licensed, it means that they fulfil all the requirements by the authority to offer medicinal products, and you can rely on them.

    Like any other medication, Emla Cream is a sensitive product. You should be careful to ensure that you get it in the best quality and use it correctly for the best results.

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