What is Viagra?

Viagra, also known as sildenafil, is a drug taken to relax blood vessel muscles. Once these muscles relax, they allow more blood to flow to particular parts of the body. In men, the blood flows to the penis and treats sexual dysfunction issues. But you will only get and maintain an erection if only you are sexually stimulated. Sildenafil alone will not help!

Is Viagra safe?

Yes, but when used in moderation. If you have the strength to have sex, you are equally strong to use Viagra. Research shows that even men with heart diseases improve in their sexual performance when they take the pill. However, you should only take it when you have erectile dysfunction.If you use the blue pill recreationally, you might end up with a rock-hard erection. The condition is also known as priapism. It is an erection that will not go away. It is, obviously, a pleasing situation to men, but according to medical professionals, it has some long-lasting adverse effects.

Is Viagra legal?

In short, yes. Viagra is legally manufactured and sold in almost every country. For instance, in the U.K, its legitimacy is evident when you visit the Electronic Medicine Compendium. It is a list of drugs ratified in the United Kingdom.If you are buying the drugs online, you must buy them from sites certified by the pharmacychecker.com.

How does Viagra work?

Sildenafil is in the class of drugs that control phosphodiesterase. These are enzymes that, when slowed down from their normal operations, help men to keep an erection for a longer period.

How long does Viagra last?

It has an estimated half-life of four to five hours. The implication here is that almost half of the drug is out of the human body after 4 to 5 hours. But this is for very healthy persons. It takes more time to eliminate the medicine from people with kidney or liver problems.

How long does Viagra take to work?

Since it is a short working prescription with a fast onset, you should take it within a period of 30 to 60 minutes before having sex. And it attains the highest blood levels in about sixty minutes as well. However, if you take a meal that is rich in fats, you might minimize the amount of medicine that is being absorbed.

How to use Viagra for the first time?

Firstly, consult your doctor – for the right prescription. He might prescribe an amount of 25mg or 100mg, depending on your medical condition. But the suggested dose is 50mg. You are also advised to take it orally. Swallow it whole with water.Secondly, do not take it from unknown sources; just buy it from the pharmacy. Finally, and most importantly, do not take the tablet more than once in a day.

How often can you take Viagra?

If you are not planning to have sex daily, do not take the blue pill every day. Take it only when you want to get the groove on – but once per day.Sildenafil substance is not known to accumulate in the body tissues, precisely the penis tissues. It means you will not necessarily have endless erections because you have been using the tablet daily.

Can you take Viagra with alcohol?

No, your risk of side effects will be heightened. Even though alcohol creates an appealing setting of romance, it is a depressant substance. It reduces sexual desire and the capability to reach an erection. Viagra cannot save the situation after binge drinking.

How much is Viagra?

The current price, in wholesale, is $61.54 per tablet for a 100mg or 50mg pill. However, there is the generic version of Sildenafil that sells for $35 or $30 per pill. Interestingly, there are some manufacturers that sell the generic tablet for $4 and $6 per pill. So, the price depends on the version, manufacturer, and the strength of the tablet.

Do you need a prescription for Viagra?

Not necessarily, you can buy it over the counter in a pharmacy. But since the medicine comes with risks and benefits, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s prescription before you use it. The doctor will prescribe the most favorable type and dosage, depending on your symptoms and medical status.

Where can I buy Viagra?

You can buy the pill online, especially if you need an over the night delivery. Nevertheless, ensure that the website is licensed pharmacychecker.com. When you buy it online, it means the pill is non-prescriptive, and this is not a preferred option. But you can go for the option if you are sure of your health condition.If you have a prescription, you can buy your pill from an accredited pharmacy or even an authorized late night chemist.

Can you buy viagra over the counter?

Yes. Since you do not need a prescription to buy an impotence drug, you can purchase it at a pharmacy. But the pharmacist has to agree. Most of them do not trust people. More particularly, they do not trust women with their womb. A slight overdose of Sildenafil might lead to an abortion.

Can you take Viagra with high blood pressure?

Yes. It is safe to take ED drugs even if you have HBP. However, doctors’ advice that you should not take Viagra with HBP medicine that contains nitrates. The combination might lead to a deadly drop in BP.

Can you take Viagra with heart failure?

Yes. In fact, studies show that men who take ED drugs are motivated to take their heart failure medicine.Again do not take Sildenafil if you are taking nitrate drugs.

Can you take Viagra and exercise later?

Yes. Sex itself is an exercise, and it does not harm. You can take it and exercise later, and you will still enjoy the full advantages an exercise provides to your body. Research indicates that men who have heart problems and use Viagra do not experience worsened cardiac symptoms.

Can Viagra help psychological impotence?

No. Despite the pill’s aggressive marketing, it does not treat men’s psychological impotence. The tablet only corrects an ED that has its origin in blood flow breakdown.

Can diabetics take Viagra?

Yes. Men with diabetes, particularly type 2, find it hard to attain a hard-on. Sildenafil substance, which is the main ingredient in Viagra, helps to improve and control insulin sensitivity. As a result, Erectile Dysfunction improves.

Does Viagra always work?

Not always. Even after taking the ED medicine, a few men (30%) with ED issues still fail in bed. There are several reasons attached to the failure:Wrong treatment Addiction to porn Other health conditions Psychological causes Under dose Incorrect use

Is there dissimilarity amid Viagra and Viagra connect?

Viagra connect is sold over the counter in a pharmacy – you do not need a prescription. When it comes to Viagra, you must have a doctor’s prescription when buying it. Nonetheless, these two ED drugs contain Sildenafil citrate.Another difference is the price. Viagra connect is a bit cheaper than Viagra.

What is Viagra Connect?

It is a non-prescription drug used to treat ED problems. It is mainly made of Sildenafil citrate substance that helps to ease up blood vessels to upsurge the flow of blood in the penis.

Does Viagra connect work?

Yes. Viagra Connect works as effectively as Viagra. It is absorbed into the body quickly, and after an hour, you will see it work wonders!Yes. Viagra Connect works as effectively as Viagra. It is absorbed into the body quickly, and after an hour, you will see it work wonders!

How much is Viagra connect?

You will find it in pharmacies under the brand Viagra connect. Four pills of 50mg costs $25.

Is Sildenafil as good as Viagra?

Yes. Sildenafil contains sildenafil citrate substance, which is also contained in Viagra. Both have been proven to have equal effectiveness.

Can you mix Viagra with Cialis?

No. You are supposed to take one drug. Mixing Viagra with Cialis may lead to severe side effects. The combination might also cause a life-threatening drop in BP.

What is female Viagra?

Female Viagra is the nickname of a drug known as Addyi. It is pink in color and is taken to improve a woman’s sexual desire. Unlike Viagra, which works on blood vessel muscles, Addyi stimulates the neuro-chemicals in a woman’s brain, which in turn causes her to crave nooky!

Does female Viagra work?

Unlike its counterpart Viagra, there has not been clear cut evidence that female Viagra works. The drug focuses on balancing brain chemicals that are associated with improved sexual recall, desire, and responsiveness to stimulation.

How to take female Viagra?

You take the tablet every day in the evening. Doctors advise that you should take a single pill in 24 hours.Remember, always take Viagra for the intended purposes. Again, consult with your healthcare service provider. Tell them about every medication you are taking to avoid adverse effects that follow medicine interactions. Involving a doctor ensures you get the treatment that fits with your condition.