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Hair loss treatments

Top 7 things to prevent hair loss!

When you hear about hair loss treatment, you may think about men. Male pattern baldness actually affects 40% of men. Nevertheless, women also experience this kind of problem. For instance, losing your curls can happen after pregnancy (due to telogen effluvium).  No matter the reason for the problem there is always a solution!

Hair fall can appear in a lot of ways depending on the reasons. Moreover, it can affect not only your scalp but your entire body. According to statistics, ⅓ of men after 35 have symptoms of male pattern baldness. In addition, every tenth woman has health problems that may lead to hair loss. Before pursuing the treatment, check the facts!


  • Gradual thinning. You can call it the most common reason why your hair growth cycle fails. Men usually begin to experience this issue starting from the forehead, while women may start from noticing a broadening on the forehead.
  • Sudden loosening of hair. It may happen after emotional or physical shock that causes your curls to loosen. This type of hair fall results in the overall thinning of the locks.
  • Patches on scalping or bold spots. This type usually affects men but it does not mean that women can’t experience it. 
  • Full-body hair loss. It can be a result of medical treatment, hormone imbalance or damaging of hair follicles due to external factors. In this situation, a person can prevent this condition when the factor causing it is eliminated.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Heredity. The cause baldness may hide in your family history. It usually occurs gradually with age. Therefore, you may need to look at your family photo for clues. If someone in your family has baldness, then you may also inherit it.
  • Hormonal imbalance. Various conditions may lead to hair loss, Hormones are essential for our body and lack of testosterone in men or estrogen in women may cause baldness. 
  • Medication, therapies and supplements. Side effects of various medicaments may be the reason for hair loss. Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s inevitable, like with chemo or radiation therapy.
  • Stressful events. Scientists have proven that stress may cause thinning or even falling of locks. The good news is that temporal shock or stress may only lead to temporal hair loss.
  • Iron deficiency. Anemia or full-blown iron deficiency can lead to significant problems with your scalp including baldness.
  • Treatments for your hairstyle. Did you know that some beauty products can be the cause of losing your curls? Cornrows or pigtails can lead to a specific type of hair damaging called traction alopecia. Moreover, hot oil treatments can permanently cause the inflammation of follicles on the scalp. Therefore, you need to be reasonable and find a balance between trends and general health.

Knowing all the symptoms and factors of losing your hair, you can now start checking options to promote avoid it!

Top 7 options that help to prevent hair loss!

  • Medications

For today, there are two medically approved drugs that can stop help with this problem. They are finasteride and minoxidil. 

Finasteride is created to fight against male pattern baldness. It works by inhibiting Dihidrostestosterone. This hormone mainly causes the shrinking of hair follicles. As a result,  it leads to partial or full baldness. Still, there is also a downside to taking this product. Taking finasteride may result in erectile dysfunction and lower libido.

Minoxidil is another product for the treatment of baldness. This antihypertensive vasodilator is applied topically to increase the blood flow and nutrients intake to the damaged area. Like any other medication, Minoxidil has side effects. The most common ones are allergic reactions and skin irritation.

  • Avoiding hot showers

Overusing hot showers may lead to stripping your scalp of the essential oils that protect your head from dryness. Moreover, in some cases, it can also lead to scalp inflammation that can significantly contribute to thinning and damaging hair follicles.

  • Changing your gels and shampoos (Use more natural products)

The chemical components of some gels and shampoo may not be safe for your type of hair. Your styling products can stay in your scalp and damage the scalp. Do not use too much gel and try to find more natural products. The fewer chemical in the products the more healthy they are.

  •  Laser comb option

Laser combs are one more clinically tested option to prevent hair loss. Moreover, this option is approved by the FDA. Applying a laser comb to your scalp three times a week may lead to an increase in hair density. The exact mechanism of how the laser combs work is debated, but it clearly has beneficial properties.

  • Scalp massage

Medical studies clearly show that scalp massages have a beneficial effect on the hair growth cycle. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, massage will help you to lower the stress levels. Moreover, you can also add natural oils and even onion juice to massage them into the scalp.

  • Anti-DHT shampoos

Anti-DHT shampoos help to fight hair loss. You will need to look for shampoos containing ketoconazole. This component prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT that can damage hairpieces. At the same time, too much ketoconazole may lead to low libido and even erectile dysfunction.

  • Hair transplant

If you have too many bald patches with no option to grow them back, then a hair transplant may be your option. The transplantation process includes taking hair follicles from the donor (DHT-resistant) regions of the head. After that, a medical expert will apply the donor follicles into bold areas. 

In conclusion

You can save your hair! Use the above-mentioned options to help yourself. Take care of your curls and they will attract the attention of everybody.

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